Mountek nGroove GRIP Universal CD Slot Mount for Smartphones and GPS Devices

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Style #: MT5000-E


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  • Mountek’s classic CD slot and dashboard mount for optimal accessibility and traffic law compliance.
  • Firmly and safely mounts cell phones, GPS units, satellite radios, MP3 players and other high-tech devices.
  • Strong, sturdy grip thanks to rubber-reinforced, metal insertion blade. Super-tight but simple blade system involves just a thumbscrew and tightening wheel.
  • Insert directly into a front-loading CD player slot and still easily control your electronic device from the driver’s seat. Or, insert into an existing dashboard groove to keep your CD player accessible.
  • Comes already assembled and ready to use.
  • Simple installation: No suction cups, no clips, no screw, no adhesives and no glue. The nGroove insertion blade snugly and safely inserts into thin, pre-existing grooves in cars, planes, and boats.
  • Three-sided cradle keeps your sensitive electronic devices firmly in place while still allowing full function. Two cushioned side grips keep your electronic device safe and secure, while a detachable ledge creates a resting shelf for additional support. Remove your device easily and quickly with a push-button release.
  • Accommodate larger devices by removing detachable ledge, if desired. You’ll be able to access charger ports and volume controls while two nGroove side grips keep your device securely in place.
  • Superior online customer service: The Mountek team is available to help with any questions you might have about our quality products.
  • No-hassle returns. Return ship your product within 180 days for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.
  • It’s the law: Support safe and legal driving habits by respecting hands-free laws.
  • Ships in certified easy-to-open packaging.

Technical Details ::

Brand Name: Mountek
Model: MT5000-E

Product Description

Meet the MT5000-E, Mountek’s fifth-generation evolution of its proven classic, the nGroove GRIP, featuring a rubber-dipped nGroove blade for better grip. Safely and securely mount your smartphone, GPS, satellite radio, MP3 player and more in your vehicle with a swiveling, lock-grip mount that fits into your CD slot or dashboard groove without any suction cups, clips or adhesives. Perfectly calibrated to snugly fit without damaging your vehicle.

Free Your Dashboard and Windshield
Every instrument in an airplane cockpit serves a precise and powerful purpose, and the same is true within the sanctuary of your car. A distraction-free dashboard and windshield helps maintain focus with a calm, controlled aesthetic. The assuring presence of the nGroove GRIP mount displays your device with a commanding lock-grip without damaging your vehicle. Say good-bye to suction cups and sticky adhesives, and say hello to subtle strength.

Fits Larger Devices
The nGroove GRIP can accommodate palm-sized digital devices, but it also offers sturdy protection for larger devices, including Garmin, Magellan, or other GPS receivers. The three-sided cradle has a maximum spread of 4.375", but a device with a side greater than that length can still be mounted horizontally, as long as its shortest side is no wider than 4.375". For example, a satellite radio receiver that is 6" long and 4" wide will easily fit sideways in the cradle. Note that although the nGroove GRIP works with many TomTom GPS devices, those with a protruding rear speaker are not suitable for use with this product.

360 Swivel: Find Your Perfect Tilt
Everything in your car is personally adjustable to maximize comfort and safety, and your digital device mount shouldn’t be any different. The Mountek nGroove GRIP comes with a 360-degree swivel for optimized viewing adjustment. Mount your device vertically or horizontally, depending on preference, and then adjust the display angle for the perfect view. The device cradle rests on a ball hinge, so you can easily adjust the viewing angle: up, down, diagonal, or side-to-side. Effortlessly switch your cell phone or device from landscape to portrait mode without taking your eyes off the road. Even while docked, the nGroove Grip allows clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation up to 360 degrees.

“Grab-and-Go” Quick Release Button
Mountek engineers designed the nGroove GRIP to offer firm, secure protection to safeguard your digital devices on the road. Our patented three-sided cradle keeps your smartphone or GPS device safely mounted when driving, but still offers a quick release should you need to grab-and-go. No extra force is necessary to remove your device from the nGroove GRIP cradle –- simply press the push-button release, and you’re on your way.

Universal Compatibility
Compatible with the latest smartphones, including: iPhone 4/5/5C/5S/6/Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4, HTC One, HTC DNA, HTC EVO, Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, Google Nexus 4/5, Nokia Lumia 920/1020, and more.

Simple 3-Step Installation “Snap, Buckle and Drive!”
1. Insert the nGroove GRIP blade into CD slot or existing dashboard groove.
2. Turn tightening knob clockwise until blade holds firmly and securely.
3. Press button located at the top of cradle to release your device.

Mountek says: Safety starts with you! When using GPS devices, set your destination address first before starting the car so that you can give the road your full attention. Thank you for refraining from texting until you’re safely parked.

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