About Mountek

Mountek is a California-based development and manufacturing company committed to meeting drivers’ technology needs when they’re on the road. Proudly featuring the nGroove Snap 2, nGroove Snap, nGroove Grip and nGroove 6000g, Mountek products seamlessly convey the interplay between on-the-go function and design.

Mountek was founded in 2004 to address the need for a better way to mount hand-held devices in the car. Traditional windshield mounts eventually lose suction and can dangerously obstruct driver views of the road. Vent-clip mounted products restrict air circulation within your car and rarely fit correctly. Dashboard mounts require the use of permanent adhesives which can damage your dash; they also tend to slip and slide, causing potential damage for your device.

Mountek’s founder took an innovative approach by incorporating the CD/DVD slot built into most cars today, and in mid-2013, the USPTO rightfully awarded Mountek with a utility patent for this invention. In this digital age, not all drivers use CDs to play music, although automobile manufacturers continue to include CD players in stock radios. Because CD players are strategically placed within arm’s reach of a driver, this makes them a convenient and safe location for installing mounts to display and protect your digital devices. Mountek's nGroove line allows both high performance and function along with a sleek but authoritative profile that presents a bold accompaniment for your dashboard.