Whistle While You Work

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Whether you’re starting the morning commute with some caffeine and house beats, chilling out with a mellow playlist, entertaining your kids with something fun and poppy en route to soccer practice, or performing a glam rock solo for your own entertainment, Mountek knows that you listen to music in the car.

That’s why we designed our dashboard mounts to allow superior audio connectivity while still emphasizing safe driving habits.

Although both the nGroove Snap and nGroove Grip can fit neatly in your dashboard grooves to securely display your device, they can both insert directly into your CD slot as another mounting option in most stereo models.

This is somewhat different from a cassette adapter, an after-market product –not produced by Mountek-- which some consumers purchase in order to listen to their mP3 players through a car stereo that’s not already outfitted for that technology.

Instead, the nGroove Snap and nGroove Grip safely and firmly holds your device while you connect to your existing car stereo in order to listen to your favorite songs. The dashboard mount, by itself, won’t connect your iPhone or other smartphone to the stereo.

The good news: Connecting your device is easy! Here are the primary ways we recommend connecting to your car stereo while your device securely rests in the nGroove Snap or nGroove Grip.

One option is to connect with an auxiliary cable. We recommend auxiliary cables because they offer the highest clarity and reliability. Just insert one end of your auxiliary cable into your car stereo’s auxiliary port, and insert the other end into your smartphone or mP3 player where you would normally insert a headphone jack.

Our nGroove Snap and nGroove Grip mounts are both designed to accommodate auxiliary cords without interference. Once both ends are connected, you’ll be able to listen to your music library, stream music from Pandora or Spotify, hear your phone when it rings, stream videos or hear any alarms you might have preset on your phone.

The second option for connecting your smartphone or mP3 player to your car stereo is with a USB port and cord. To connect, just insert the USB cable into your car’s USB port. Then, connect the other end of the cable to your phone. The nGroove Snap and nGroove Grip can both readily accommodate devices connected via USB cords. The nGroove Grip has a special detachable ledge to accommodate devices with a bottom-loading USB port.

The downside to using a USB cord is that it is designed to access only data stored on your phone, such as your music library. You won’t be able to take calls or stream music from the Internet.

Another option to connect your smartphone to a car stereo system is with the help of a FM transmitter. These devices plug directly into your car’s cigarette lighter, with ports for either auxiliary or USB connection to your smartphone. Once connected, FM transmitters will allow you to stream music and access Bluetooth technology.

In addition to listening to your favorite music, connecting your device to car stereo speakers provides the added benefit of safer driving when using GPS capabilities. Without stereo amplification, it can be hard to hear audio directions from your phone’s internal speaker. When your device is connected to a stereo system, you’ll be able to hear GPS directions loud and clear. Also, your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities will sync directly with your car stereo speakers, allowing you to safely take calls on the road.

Not all cars have auxiliary or USB ports, however. If your car doesn’t currently have those options and you’re interested in an after-market stereo system in order to play music from your electronic device while driving, we recommend calling a trusted car stereo business in your area and asking which models best suit your car and listening needs.

Some drivers will want to establish audio connectivity wirelessly. Bluetooth is the gold standard for wireless data transmission between devices; for example, between your smartphone and your car stereo.

If it’s Bluetooth-enabled, your phone will automatically connect to your car when it’s close by, linking to your stereo so that you can enjoy hands-free calls from the road. Depending on your car, you can also wirelessly stream music. Your take-away from today’s tech lesson? Mountek nGroove Grip, nGroove Snap and nGroove 6000g products won’t interfere with Bluetooth capabilities, so stream away.

Still not sure about your audio connectivity situation? Feel free to send us photos of your car stereo and whatever questions you might have about using the nGroove Grip or nGroove Snap while listening to your favorite songs.

Remember, no air guitar while driving. Keep your hands on the wheel!

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