High Five For Apple Carplay! Here's Why You Still Love Your Ngroove Snap2. (And Your Ngroove Grip. And Your Ngroove Snap.)

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Mountek fans tend to keep current with emerging mobile trends, so we know that you’re probably hearing a lot about Apple CarPlay these days. And for good reason—we’re longtime fans of Apple products, and CarPlay will go far in promoting safe, hands-free driving. Nice work, Apple people.

Apple CarPlay 101: Beginning this year, a tiny handful of new cars from A-list  brands (think Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo) will feature a dashboard inset that allows iPhone users to insert their devices directly into the car’s physical and electronic dashboard. Basically, your iPhone screen joins the dashboard in order to play music, take calls, display GPS directions or access text messages.

Once plugged into the dashboard insert, the iPhone takes over the car’s existing LCD or touch-screen display, according to mobile tech expert Wayne Cunningham, writing for CNET.com earlier this week. 

It’s not a brand-new idea. CarPlay, formerly known as iOS in the Car, has some notable siblings on the market or forthcoming; namely, MirrorLink and Automotive Link from Google’s Open Automotive Alliance. Most likely, car manufacturers will continue to offer their own native touchscreen displays and not align with just one dashboard infotainment display option.

And it’s not perfect. For example, drivers might rely on their cars’ excellent preinstalled navigation systems when driving through rural areas where off-the-grid roads don’t register in the cloud. Apple CarPlay won’t work wirelessly until some point in the future, so drivers might continue to rely on Bluetooth to stream music on quickie around-town trips.

Still, what makes Apple CarPlay helpful for drivers is that it allows safer, hands-free driving, with access to some of our favorite music apps, including iHeartRadio and Spotify. (No Pandora, unfortunately.) Voice-activated phone calls, texting, and navigation help keep both hands on the steering wheel. It’s sleek and beautiful, no doubt. You already know that Mountek loves a gorgeously smooth and distraction-free dash!

It’s clear that hands-free driving is here to stay, and Apple CarPlay will likely appear in other popular car models down the road, including BMW, Land Rover, Nissan, Chevrolet, Toyota and KIA. But not everyone has an iPhone, and not everyone is driving a brand-new, fresh-off-the-lot car.

In fact, most of us love driving our current rides. It’s almost springtime, so maybe you’ve been popping open your sunroof and feeling the love these days. A little more sunshine in the evening might help you squeeze in a post-work surf, knock out some errands, take your kids to the park, or drive to your buddy’s BBQ.

And while you’re living the good life, we want to make sure you’re doing that safely. The nGroove Grip, nGroove Snap and nGroove Snap2 have this incredible knack for keeping your mobile devices firmly and safely displayed for hands-free, distraction-free driving. That’s what they’re especially designed to do.

The truth is, you don’t need a brand-new car or fancy dashboard inset in order to prioritize safe driving. Our nGroove products fit neatly into your existing dashboard grooves and CD slots for a seamless look, keeping your mobile device investments within easy, comfortable reach.

Best of all, Mountek’s nGroove Grip, nGroove Snap and nGroove Snap2 allow full usage of your mobile device’s technical capabilities. There’s nothing you can do via Apple CarPlay that can’t be easily and safely accomplished while using our patented car mounts. Listening to your favorite songs, taking calls from the road, or navigating using your phone’s GPS capabilities remain perfectly safe.

Mountek products never interfere with Bluetooth connectivity, so you’ll continue to enjoy convenient wireless access to the crucial data, apps and tools you require.

The Mountek nGroove Grip can also accommodate heavier tablets and GPS devices, if desired. And although we dearly love our Team Apple customers, Mountek products don’t discriminate against Android, Samsung, Motorola, or Nokia devices! Our car mounts can accommodate allmobile phone devices, and many GPS and satellite radio systems, too.

We congratulate Apple on their latest contribution to safe, distraction-free driving. (Seriously, do those people ever sleep?) Hands-free driving is here to stay, and we thank all of the innovators, legislators and customer activists out there working hard to keep our roads safe.

Got some thoughts on Apple CarPlay or want to share some Mountek love? Post below in the comment section.

And next time you grill, let us know! We’ll be right over.

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