With nGroove Snap 2, Mountek Debuts Next-Gen, Hands-Free Car Mount


Mountek introduces the nGroove Snap 2, the upgraded next-generation version of the popular nGroove Snap for seamless digital device mounting. Brand-new features include full rubberized blade grips, and elegant gray-on-black profile.

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December 12, 2013 (San Diego) – Mountek announces that availability for the nGroove Snap 2, the upgraded, next-gen version of their proven nGroove Snap “floating” digital device car mount, will begin January 30, 2014. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADVANCE PURCHASE:


The new product maintains the best features of its predecessor, the nGroove Snap. Mountek’s nGroove Snap 2 neatly inserts into vehicle CD slots or existing dashboard grooves to provide a firm, stable mount for protecting and displaying digital devices on the road. Smartphones, GPS devices and other consumer electronics securely attach to the mount’s magnetic-reinforced badge, permitting hands-free use while driving. Because of the patented blade-support system, installation requires no suction cups, no clips, no screw, no adhesives and no glue.

Mountek engineers redesigned this proven car mount for even better performance with superior aesthetics. Rubberized grip material on all sides of the nGroove Snap 2 insertion blade provides a stronger, sturdier hold in vehicle CD slots and dashboard grooves. The product’s silicone sticker base received a special 3M adhesive overlay to minimize lift when a device is removed from the nGroove Snap 2 adapter.

Paying tribute to Mountek fans’ sophisticated design preferences, designers replaced the nGroove Snap’s yellow safety sticker with a subtle gray-on-black rendition of the classic Mountek logo.

“Given the immense consumer interest during the development phase of the original nGroove Snap, we know that the nGroove Snap 2 will be a showstopper,” said Mountek inventor, Chance Dunn.

Mountek handily raised more than eight times its initial fundraising goal during a 7-week springtime Indigogo campaign, Dunn noted. Consumers and distributors alike readily contributed to the development phase, expressing sky-high confidence in the viability, purpose and look of the original nGroove Snap.

“Mountek has an incredibly loyal consumer base,” Dunn said. “That’s why we take our mission seriously. We want to deliver the best function paired with the best design profile possible to meet our customers’ needs and encourage safer driving on every road.”

For further inquiries or to arrange an interview, please info@mountek.com.

Mountek is a California-based development and manufacturing company committed to meeting drivers’ technology needs when they’re on the road. Proudly featuring the nGroove Snap 2, nGroove Snap, nGroove Grip and nGroove 6000g, Mountek products seamlessly convey the interplay between on-the-go function and design.

Mountek says: Safety starts with you! When using GPS devices, set your destination address first before starting the car so that you can give the road your full attention. Thank you for refraining from texting until you’re safely parked.

Just Snap, Buckle and Drive!


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