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    NOW IN STOCK and Shipping with 25% More Magnetic Strength!
    • Universal - Firmly and safely mounts cell phones, GPS units, MP3 players, mini tablets and lightweight full-size tables, including iPhone 4/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6 Plus, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S Series S3/S4/S5/S6, Note 2/3/4, HTC One, Motorola Turbo Moto X, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia Series, Amazon Kindle, Google Nexus 5/6/7 Tablets, and more...
    • Comes ready to use with a heavy-duty, sturdy grip thanks to a rubber-reinforced METAL insertion blade. Built like a tank but quite simple, the installation of the Snap+ blade system involves just the turning of a thumb knob.
    • Easy Installation - Insert directly into a front-loading CD player slot and still easily control your device from the driver"s seat. Or insert into a dashboard groove to keep your CD player accessible. No suction cups, no clips, no screw, no glue
    • Flexible - Sophisticated ball joint adapter allows for fine-tuning your display angle for maximum viewing comfort while driving
    • How is it different from Mountek's popular nGroove Snap3? The Snap+ was specifically designed to support the weight of today's larger devices, especially phablets and tablets. It does not have the same multi-functionality as the Snap3 (i.e. desktop stand, tripod mount)

    • Introducing the newly designed Mountek SNAP+, the heavy-duty version of the popular nGroove SNAP3 for seamless digital device mounting. The new product maintains the minimalist design and magnetic properties of the nGroove SNAP3, but focuses on a sturdier grip into the CD slot. Mountek's SNAP+ neatly inserts into vehicle CD slots or existing dashboard grooves to provide a firm, stable mount for protecting and displaying digital devices on the road. Smartphones, GPS devices, phablets and even tablets securely attach to the mount's magnetic-reinforced badge, permitting hands-free use while driving. Due to the patented blade-support system, installation requires no suction cups, no clips, no screw, no adhesives and no glue. New features of the Mountek SNAP+ include: a streamlined design for a minimalist look, a rubber-coated metal nGroove blade system, 2 new shapes and sizes of steel badges for smartphones and tablets, overall improvements for more reliable installation and grip. Designed in California, USA. Domestic and International Patents Pending.