Mountek AIRSNAP Air Vent Car Mount for Cell Phones, Smartphones, Phablets and Mini Tablets air snap air vent car mount iphone 6S plus samsung galaxy edge 6

Mountek AIRSNAP Air Vent Car Mount for Cell Phones, Smartphones, Phablets and Mini Tablets (AC5000S)

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The people who brought you the world's First CD slot mount, have made an evolutionary leap forward, to bring you a Secure Air vent mounting solution for your cell phone. With 5 years of loyal customer feedback, Mountek has delivered what drivers...
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Needed a tweak or 2 but Love it!!

OK so I was an early adopter. I did not buy through Amazon, but I thought the concept was a cool one and they made it look real good on their campaign video so I bit. I drive 3-5 days a week to clients and use google maps daily either for short cuts or ETA. I loved the idea that the support arm will keep it from bouncing. I have a Galaxy Note Edge. My phone is not small. I got the unit last week and immediately adhered the badge. Went out to the car and had a bit of trouble getting the unit to close on my vent. I re-watched the video and changed my hand position and got it immediately. I waited a day for the badge to "cure". When i placed it on the unit "HOLY COW" did that thing stick. I couldn't pull it off easily and when I did the rubber cover came off and one or two of the magnets moved on top of other magnets. I was really disappointed so I emailed customer service. Valeria responded to me very quickly with a recommendation to remove one of the magnets (powerful suckers). I did just that and I CANNOT TELL you how much of a difference it made. The phone still sticks like crazy(a good thing), but when I pull it off, the rubber stays put and the remaining 3 magnets DO NOT MOVE! It is now exactly like I thought it would be when I funded the project. It does not move on the unit even through NYC streets (and potholes). I recommend this to anyone that uses GPS or needs to be able to see their screen when driving. You may need to experiment with magnet positions and totals but you will find the sweet spot like I did.

Reviews 1-1 of 1